Christopher Ebersberger - Master violinmaker since 2008


workshop established
in 1960

Konrad Ebersberger

For three generations, my family has made a living from violinmaking. My grandfather, Konrad Ebersberger, a trained joiner, established his workshop in Möhrendorf (near Bubenreuth) in 1960. Even in those days, the region was an important instrument-making center in Germany.

My grandfather earned his living making resonance boxes for well-known violinmakers.

the second generation
takes over

Siegfried Ebersberger

Skill with his hands and the ability to select wood were the basis of my grandfather's professional success: more than 30 years of professional experience from which his son Siegfried, my father, also benefited. After working for many years in his father's workshop, my father took over the family business in 1996. Under his management, the product range was expanded. And he turned his dream of producing higher-quality instruments into reality.

new goals
new challenges

Christopher J. Ebersberger

I caught the "violinmaking bug" in my family's workshop at a very early age. It was the old Italian master instruments that fascinated me most of all. From the outset, I wanted to make violins, violas, and cellos that could compete with such instruments. Since then, I have steadily pursued this goal. After training as a violinmaker, I very soon took my master craftsman's examination. In 2008, I then became self-employed. My stringed instruments are modeled on those of the great Italian masters, in particular, Antonius Stradivarius and Guarneri del Gesù. The unique sound and balanced beauty of these antique instruments always provide me with new challenges and drive my skills and dexterity to new heights. I relish the moment when, after many weeks of painstaking crafting, I can finally hold a new instrument in my hand.

When it is then played for the first time and thus brought to life, I know that I have chosen the right profession.


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