Christopher Ebersberger - Master violinmaker since 2008

All instruments are characterized by their projecting sound, very good playability, and high responsiveness.

All my violins, violas, and cellos are purely hand-made by me; the tonewood and materials used are all selected for their quality. I either full-varnish, lightly shade, or antique my instruments. Whatever the preference.

every instrument is unique

I place great importance on the faithful reproduction of antique models. Right down to a tenth of a millimeter. So craftsmanship and skill is absolutely necessary. All my instruments have their own individual character, each has its own unique sound. This is extremely important to me.

violin model (kreisler)

after Guarneri "del Gesù":

faithfully reproduced, very responsive. The instrument's short form makes it very comfortable and easy to play. The low strings have a beautifully warm, full-bodied sound, the A and E strings produce a bright and brilliant tone.

violin model (Cremonese)

after Antonius Stradivari:

longershape than the Guarneri model. The Stradivari replica has a radiant, "lively" and brilliant tone and is very responsive.

viola model

my own design:

very broad form, voluminous sound. The viola has a full yet soft and dark tone, even up into the highest registers, and is slightly smoky.

cello model

after Antonius Stradivari:

Length of body: approx. 75.8 cm, rounded shape, very responsive, soft and varied timbres, the sound ranges from dark to warm and soft, to a bright and radiant singing tone.

repair and reproduction


You want to have your damaged instrument repaired? No problem. I will also be happy to advise you on repairs and reproductions. Just call or send an e-mail and we can take the time to discuss details.


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