Christopher Ebersberger - Master violinmaker since 2008

I am a master violinmaker by passion and I hand-build high-quality violins, violas and cellos with attention down to the very last detail.

Creating each instrument takes me on a personal
voyage of discovery. Bit by bit, I form the shape
from a raw block of wood, probing the depths
of the wood's structure, its grain, its softness
and hardness. Repeated tapping brings
me closer to its timbre as, millimeter
by millimeter, I give it space and
shape it. So every instrument I make
is unique, with its own individual sound
and character.

Besides building new instruments, I also
repair instruments and build replicas.
I find repairing damaged instruments
extremely rewarding, restoring their
old magic and erstwhile greatness.




Ein herzliches Dankeschön an alle Besucher meines Messestandes.

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