Christopher Ebersberger - Master violinmaker since 2008


early passion

The fascination of violinmaking

Master violinmaker Christopher J. Ebersberger

I may be a comparatively young master violinmaker but I already have a wealth of experience to draw on, having been immersed in the profession from a very early age.

I spent much of my childhood in my grandfather's violin workshop. This is more or less where I grew up. I would watch mesmerized as a block of wood was slowly transformed into a beautiful fragile instrument. A fascinating experience. By my teens, I was already busily helping. My passion for violinmaking started at a very early age.

from apprentice to master

Training in Bubenreuth

At the age of 17, I was lucky enough to enter a violinmaking apprenticeship with the Karl Höfner company. Under the guidance of master violinmaker Alfred Zecho, I worked for the workshops of Karl Höfner and Roderich Paesold. After completing my apprenticeship, I stayed on for another two years as deputy department head. Then, at the age of just 22 years, I successfully passed my master craftsman's examination and became self-employed.

Since that time, I have continued to collaborate with renowned master violinmakers in the region. This has allowed me to steadily expand and develop my expertise.

perfect craftsmanship

Precision down to a tenth of a millimeter

Perfect craftsmanship

I really love creating something with my own bare hands without using machines. Working in wood, in particular, is highly demanding but extremely enjoyable because as a naturally grown material, no two pieces of wood are ever the same. Even when the wood is taken from one and the same trunk, it has to be worked in different ways. And differences as small as a tenth of a millimeter will define the quality of the instrument.

Consequently, every instrument is unique – with its very own character and sound.


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